Joint Child Custody in a Nutshell

child custody

Dealing with a marital break-up is difficult enough for both sides. Once custody of your children is involved, it can be a lot harder to deal with. In such sensitive matters, legal help plays an important role. Long Island families who encounter this problem should consult a Nassau County divorce lawyer right away.

child custody

The US court recognizes different forms of child custody. One of these is joint custody. This means both parents have rights to the custody of a child. This includes physical and legal aspects of it. To learn more how joint custody works, take a look at the following:

Joint Physical Custody

Depending on the court-ordered custody schedule, both parents share the actual lodging and care of the child. To facilitate equality in terms of how long the child stays in either party, the court creates an obligation to provide each parent significant periods. This will assure the child of frequent and continuing contact of each parent.

Joint Legal Custody

In joint legal custody, both parties have the right to access the child’s educational and health records, among others. This is also means they have to make the difficult decisions for the child whenever welfare and safety is concerned. This usually accounts for major legal matters.

A divorce lawyer from places like Suffolk County can give significant advices on the appropriate measures to take. When it comes to your child’s welfare, it’s always best to work together and set the differences aside.

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