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Chips Ahoy! The Essentials of Making Fish ‘n Chips

Fish and Chips

Fish and ChipsFrom Northgate to Perth, many enjoy fish and chips. This is because it originated as the most widely-available food for the working class; British and Australians could not get enough of it. Composed of only deep-fried breaded fish fillet and thick-cut potatoes, it is a staple food in many parts of the world.

The best thing about fish and chips is that it is easy to make. If you want to start making great fish and chips worthy of the finest seafood restaurants, remember these tips:

1. The Fish

In every fish and chips dish, the fish is the spotlight. It is the main ingredient, so select the best fish your budget can afford.

Choose from cream dory, cod or halibut. You do not have to buy fresh fish; frozen cuts will do the trick. Season it with salt and pepper.

There’s a fine line between a properly cooked dish and a food fiasco. Hotels with restaurants, like The Royal, have mastered the art of cooking crispy fried squid—aim for that in your fish and chips. Make sure you have thawed it to room temperature and patted it dry before frying in hot oil.

2. The Batter and Coating

What makes the fish in fish and chips taste good? The batter—that crispy coating you want to bite into. The basic recipe for the batter is flour and beer. If you follow this, make sure the beer is ice cold when you coat the fish.

Try different beers, as each one gives a unique flavour. If you want a crispier batter, go for bread crumbs or panko (Japanese bread crumbs). Try oatmeal or cracker meal for a different taste and texture.

Experiment to find your favourite batter recipe.

3. The Sauce

Fish and chips would not be complete without a dipping sauce. Though you can always compensate for its absence by using additional seasoning, it just would not be right.

The sauce can be anything—vinegar, ketchup or even mushy peas. The sky is the limit, and you can try different combinations. How about pesto sauce or curry? Sour cream with a few chopped spring onions, perhaps?

It is easy to make a good fish and chips meal and it lets you be flexible with the flavour as well. Add, remove or replace any ingredient, but make sure to stick to the cooking basics. And most importantly, have fun while cooking!

Two is Better than One: A Survival Guide on Travelling with a Group

Travel with Friends

Travel with FriendsGoing on a trip with friends in tow not only enriches the experience, it can also be an opportunity to strengthen the friendship. This is true because there are certain bonds created while travelling that you can never reproduce in day-to-day living.

While travelling with a group can be extremely fun, the reality is that it can also be stressful. You need to weather the ups and downs to really enjoy the trip. Once you do, though, it will bring you and your travel buddies closer than ever before.

There is no way to eliminate the stressful moments completely, but here is a survival guide to make your group trip a successful and enjoyable experience.

Plan Your Budget

Decide on your budget range. Think about the place, the transportation costs (tip: try a car hire at DriveRentals.com.au), and the food. When it comes to group travel, remember that money is a sensitive topic and agreeing on the level of luxury you are willing to pay for will help avoid conflicts later.

Keep in mind that you are bound to come across unplanned expenses, regardless of how well you planned the trip. Make sure to bring some extra money.

Choose Your Companions

Choose the people you actually get along with. Remember that not everyone has the same likes and dislikes, the same mindset, and the same personal choices. Differences are bound to be there no matter how close you are with friends. These things may annoy you, and that’s okay. Don’t let this prevent you from having a fun time, and simply remember that this experience can strengthen your bond for a lifetime. All it takes is a little planning, patience, and respect.

Have Your Own Must-Do’s and Must-See’s

You don’t want to drop a few thousand dollars on travel, lodging, admission, and exchange rates only to go home without doing the one thing you really wanted to do. If you do not enjoy a repeat vacation, by all means, plan your own itinerary (inform the others, of course). If you have items on your bucket list you can cross off while on the trip, then go for it.

Lastly, you do not have to travel as a roving horde—it’s fine to split up into smaller groups or go on your own, as long as each of you are okay with the arrangement. By doing this and by staying organised, timely, and flexible, you do not only please the group as a whole—you please yourself and enjoy an unforgettable vacation, too.

Here’s the Secret to Finding Quality Used Car Parts

car parts

car partsThe cost of owning a car involves more than just fuel expenses. Car insurances can be costly and you also have to think about vehicle maintenance, from oil changes to tire replacement.

The list of expenses even becomes longer if you’ll include spending for unexpected repairs that require the purchase of new car parts. Save your budget by buying used parts instead.

To be sure about the condition of the used car parts you need to purchase, Jtwautoparts.com.au advises that you should learn how to pick them. Here are some tips to help you out:

Search online

Thanks to the Internet, looking for car spare parts is much easier. Do a quick Google search to find reliable sources of used car parts from thousands of car factories, junkyards and specialty repair shops across Australia. With just a few keystrokes, find the right body parts and accessories.

Check the VIN

See if the part matches your car by checking the vehicle identification number (VIN), a unique serial number that the automotive industry uses to identify individual vehicles. It provides information about the car’s make and year of manufacture as well as details about its engine and transmission.

Ask for a warranty

Be sure that your car will run safely with the used parts. Ask the seller how “used” the part is.

Enquire about the warranty as well. If they provide a warranty, be sure to read the terms and conditions.

The idea of buying used parts might make you feel uneasy. After all, it involves your car and your safety. Shopping for second-hand parts, however, offers several benefits.

Apart from reducing your maintenance expenses, you’re also helping the environment by keeping those items out of landfills. The trick is to take into account not just affordability, but also quality. Always remember to choose the appropriate parts to make the purchase worth it.

Trends Indicating Commercial Property Investment Is Hale & Hearty

commercial property investment

commercial property investmentCommercial property investors of today enjoy an array of entry points into the industry. Gone are the days that you would be confined to two or three business models; creativity has taken the driver’s seat and everyone loves the ride.

From offering memberships to home-based professionals to renting out in-demand student apartments, you would be delighted in the great number of ways you can build your wealth on commercial spaces and get high tenancy all year round.

The commercial property investment group sentinelpg.com.au noted, “Buying commercial property in Australia has proven to be a financially rewarding decision, with investors describing their commercial investments as their most valuable assets.” Here is a lowdown on the current direction the industry is taking:

Communities Embrace Office Hubs

As digital revolution gave birth to a handful of work-from-home opportunities, the concept of community office hubs has been increasingly attractive. These office-like spaces are often nearby the house of home-based professionals and have a relaxed ambience for working. Instead of leases, most owners offer different membership rates to cater to specific usage needs of people.

Pop-Up Shops are Popping Up

Even if online shopping has transformed the spending habits of consumers, landlords found relief in pop-up shops. These are short-burst stores create a sense of urgency to convince buyers to shop now whilst the establishment is around. These are such a hit that these keep what’s supposedly untenanted premises regularly occupied.

Burgeoning of Student Housing

Australia’s spiralling number of international students has led to the immense growth of student housing. The rising market is growing at a rate of 5% annually, and has an estimated 7% net returns.

More and more investors are buying studios of different sizes, convert them into rental spaces and enjoy high occupancy rates 365 days a year.

The diverse profit opportunities of commercial properties in Australia has attracted an increasing number of investors from all lifestyles in the recent years. With professional guidance, you can avoid unnecessary risks and maximise the revenue potential of your investment.

Paying to Take the Trash Out in Fremantle

discarded materials

discarded materialsGetting rid of the rubbish when we do any type of construction or renovation in Fremantle is not usually a high priority. However, it can be a big headache if you do not plan for it. Aside from how unsightly heaps of discarded materials and trash looks on the driveway or lawn, it takes up much space.

The easiest solution is to look for a skip bin hire that will take care of it for you.

Why Get a Skip Bin Hire?

Skip bin hire companies specialise in rubbish removal. They will deliver a skip bin of the size you want to you and then come back to take it away. All you have to do in between is to fill it up, explains Kwik Skips.

You will find a nearby skip bin on a verge in most Australian suburbs, but it may not be convenient to cart your rubbish there, or it may not be big enough. You may also have rubbish that needs special handling such as asbestos. A skip bin hire will know what to do with them.

How Much Does It Cost?

The rate will depend on the size of the skip bin you need. The typical size is 2 to 4 cubic metres, although they do go up to 30 cubic metres. Most companies will charge you a flat rate, which includes delivery and pick up. The price range is from $100 to $1,000, although it can vary widely.

Some companies handle special items such as batteries, paint, mattresses and insulation for a higher fee. You have to arrange for it beforehand because you cannot simply mix some materials in with regular rubbish. Get a quote from several skip bin hire companies in Fremantle to get the best deal.

The best way to save money on skip bin hire in Fremantle is to make sure you have enough stuff to fill one by the time you schedule for it. Keep the bin for the shortest possible.

Understanding Laparoscopy—Functions, Advantages, and Complications


LaparoscopyLaparoscopy is likewise known as minimally invasive surgery. It is also used for diagnostic purposes to check organs inside the abdomen. This is known as diagnostic laparoscopy. During a laparoscopic surgery, a surgeon will make use of a laparoscope, a medical instrument consisting of a long, narrow tube and a high-resolution camera, as well as a bright light in its front portion.

How it Works

The laparoscope will be inserted in the abdominal wall via a tiny, keyhole incision approximately half an inch long. As the instrument moves inside the abdomen, its camera component will transmit captured images to an exterior monitor. Unlike in invasive, open surgery, a laparoscopy procedure permits surgeons the ability to view the body’s inner workings in real time. Depending on the circumstances, the doctor can also perform laparoscopy to acquire samples for a biopsy.

Advantages of Laparoscopy

One of the key advantages of a Utah laparoscopy over open surgery is that patients will only stay in the hospital for a short period. They will likewise experience less bleeding and pain after the laparoscopic surgery. In addition, since the incision used for inserting the laparoscope is only half an inch or smaller, patients have a reduced risk of scarring after surgery.

Uses of Laparoscopic Surgery

Doctors utilize laparoscopy for diagnosing a broad scope of pelvic and abdominal conditions. It is likewise used for performing a range of surgical procedures including a biopsy, and for removing and repairing damaged or diseased tissues and organs. It is usually utilized in gynecology, gastroenterology, and urology.


While complications from laparoscopic surgery is rare, complications can include infection and bleeding, which are typical complications from open surgery. Infection signs can include bleeding, fever and chills, persistent abdominal pain, vomiting, nausea, overall feeling of weakness, difficulty breathing, persistent cough, inability to relieve oneself, and drainage, bleeding, swelling, or redness in the incision site. Patients are strongly advised to consult with their doctor if one or more of these infection signs are present after a laparoscopy procedure.

Laparoscopic surgery is a boon of advanced technologies. While newer improvements over the technique is on the horizon, this by itself is already a beneficial procedure without the infection risk of invasive surgeries.

Negotiate Your Way to a Better Mortgage Deal


loanNow that you’ve selected the right mortgage lender, it is time to get the best mortgage deal you possibly can. Sometimes, lenders offer varying costs to different borrowers for the same loans. Typically, this is due to the fact that mortgage brokers or officers are sometimes permitted to have some of the entire price difference as additional compensation.

Understanding Overages

Basically, an overage is the difference in price between the lowest price available for a particular loan and a higher price that you, as the borrower, consented to pay. The price of the loan offered to you already includes an overage. These can arise from variable or fixed rate loans and may take the form of interest rates, fees, or points.

Negotiating Costs

To begin, have your chosen mortgage company in St. George list down every single cost included in your loan, suggests citycreekmortgage.com. Ask if they’re willing to lower or waive some of the costs such as less points or reduced rates. Highly regarded and honest lenders won’t give you a lower fee for something, only to find out that they’ve raised another fee, or reduce rates but increase your points.

Remember that you’ll never know if you could’ve gotten a better deal, if you didn’t take the time to ask in the first place.

Locking-in the Deal

When you’re certain of the negotiated mortgage terms, you should ideally get a written lock-in from the mortgage company. This should contain the negotiated rate, the lock-in period, and the points you’re required to pay. It is important to note, however, that you may be charged a fee to lock in the negotiated loan terms that can possibly be refunded during closing.

A lock-in is crucial since it will protect your locked-in loan rates in the event that the lender raises their rates while they are still processing your loan. On the other hand, if the lender suddenly decides to lower their rates, you may end up with a higher rate.

Living With Others: Building a Good Flatmate Relationship

building a good roommate connection

building a good roommate connectionSharing a room or flat is a new experience that will give you an opportunity to establish a close friendship with another person, or may be the reason you totally loathe them. Whether your flatmate is someone you already know or a person you are meeting for the first time, your relationship can work and be fun. Both of you can enjoy each other’s company, and your flatmate can be someone you can share ideas, interests, and good times with.

LHA London shares a few tips for building a good roommate connection and relationship:

Get to Know Your Roommate

Know more about your roommate by going to campus events or eating meals together. Spend time with one another and get to know each other better. Talk about your hometowns, hobbies, interests, families, and impressions of the city or campus.

Discuss Expectations

Make it a point to discuss expectations to avoid frustrations. It is important to remember, however, that you may need compromise with your flatmate to agree on some things. Discuss topics such as sleep schedules, study habits, items for sharing, room upkeep, and even visitation hours.

Keep an Open Mind

You and your flatmate may have different personalities and lifestyles, so it is important to keep an open mind. Keep a positive attitude and you might discover that there is so much more to learn and enjoy from a person whose background, values, and culture are different from your own.

Talk Things Over

It is never a good idea to let conflicts and problems build up. If you have concerns and complaints, tell your roommate and not your neighbours. Your flatmate may not know that you are upset and will probably gladly to compromise if informed the right way.

Give Each Other Space

While being together at most time seems great, you and your roommate need time alone or to be with other friends. Being together at all times can be too much of a good thing, so it is important to have a natural break from each other or talk about creating one.

Whilst not all roommates or flatmates become the best of friends, it is best to learn how to get along with one another. It is also important to make an effort and build a good and harmonious relationship in the process.

Is Yahoo Going to Cut Ties with Bing Soon?


YahooYahoo, one of the first players in the game, decided to abandon its technology and partnered with Bing to answer search queries on its behalf in 2009. The so-called Search Alliance was promising for both parties that both tried to come after Google in the leaderboard. Bing continues to have a steady growth, but Yahoo’s market share played around 10%.

As SEO companies in the Philippines and all over the globe may note, Bing and Yahoo caused mostly trouble to paid search advertisers throughout the stretch. While the two aimed to develop different innovations, they can’t seem to keep up with the advancements of Google. Together, they own a little over 30% of the market—not even half of what the search giant controls.

Of course, Yahoo should be the unhappiest. And with the recent amendments to the original deal, the company might be looking to fly solo in the search industry.

Financial Implications

As before, money is the biggest consideration why Yahoo joined forces with Microsoft to begin with. The former didn’t feel competing against Google in search was worth the effort, but the latter was determined. Developing its own technology will cost serious coin.

As Yahoo can now divorce Bing without waiting for the 10-year agreement to expire, it might be grooming itself for possibly severing ties with Microsoft in the near future.

Projected Market Share

Yahoo’s market presence is growing as of late. After becoming Mozilla’s new default search engine, its slice of the pie peaked at 13% in January. Rumor has it that the company is also aggressively courting Apple to take Safari from Google later this year. If Yahoo succeeds, it’s suddenly the go-to search answerer for two major browsers in about 24 months.

If you study the way Yahoo is trying to generate market power and keep its options alive with Microsoft, everything adds up. In a couple of years, Google might have another rival. Ultimately, only the next four years could tell.

Protecting the Walls from Graffiti: A Primer

anti graffiti coating

anti graffiti coatingMore and more incidents of graffiti vandalism are being reported everywhere, ranging from single-word vandalism to entire walls covered in paint and gang signs. This disturbing trend costs companies millions of dollars, and insurance firms are being doubly strict about covering sites that are vulnerable to repeated graffiti assaults.

Thankfully, there’s an effective solution to all your vandalism-related woes: using quality anti-graffiti paints. All you need to do is apply it to the surface that needs protection, and you’re good to go!

The Benefits of Anti-graffiti Coating

1. Anti-graffiti coating prevents vandals from spray-painting over your work. The best part about anti-graffiti coating is that it can be used anywhere — fences, vehicles and other important surfaces and places can be protected from graffiti artists if needed.

2. Anti-graffiti coating will save you money in the long run. Without the protection of anti-graffiti coating, you’ll be forced to spend large sums on graffiti removal services just to get rid of the pesky handiwork of vandals. Having graffiti removed can cost you tens of thousands of dollars, especially if the vandals used high-quality painting materials.

How Anti-graffiti Paint Works

● There are two ways the anti-graffiti compound can be applied: either mixed in with the paint to begin with or as a separate, clear coating that acts as an invisible shield for your building wall.

● The coating is comprised of binder, solvent and pigment. The binder holds the pigment and the surface together, while the pigment defines the colour of the solution. Lastly, the solvent keeps the mixture wet, drying up just in time to leave the bond on the surface it’s applied to.

● When the coating dries, it prevents paints from staying on the wall, stopping graffiti artists cold in their tracks. Any form of vandalism left on the wall can easily be washed away by something as simple as rain.

These days, the quality of anti-graffiti coatings has been greatly enhanced. Avail anti-graffiti services today and protect your valuable artwork, prized possessions and precious walls from being defaced.

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